The digital revolution that we are currently bathing in has opened up a wealth of opportunities for society whilst bringing to us an equal amount of insecurities. Our swiping mentality has welcomed a new wave of disposability into our day-to-day lives. A world of commitment phobes, waiting for something better to be around the corner. Through this, Good Not Great was born. A visual platform that believes low expectations brings a happier outcome. Everything is good, not great. 

A visual creative, Camilla Lewis is the sole creator behind the scribbles. As a Fashion Communication graduate, I have been moulded by a background of illustrating, concept creation, styling, art direction, trend forecasting and production to place myself as a visual communicator within the creative industry. With a history of being an outsider; career failures and dating mishaps, I've learnt to focus on the good, in a bad situation. As the great Icon of our time, Mariah Carey, says, I'm just gonna shake it off. 

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